…but very nice!

Just got some good news yesterday that means that I’m going to have to put The Source on hold for a little while longer.

Can’t say more about it yet except that it’s a freelance assignment that I’ve been hoping to get for a long time now, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. So it’ll be getting my full writing-time attention until it’s finished.

In other news, did a WoW raid last night for the first time in ages. I learned two things: 1. I’m very rusty, which is okay because we weren’t doing cutting-edge content–it was more a “let’s get together and have fun” raid. But I’m still rusty, though a lot of it does come back. 2. I’m over any kind of regular WoW raiding. This was fun because it was friends and nobody cared about progression, or optimizing one’s character, or anything like that, so it was zero stress. But I can’t believe I actually used to raid several nights a week, at a level that required all of those things. We still weren’t cutting-edge, but we were one of the top progression raiding guilds on our server at the time.

It took me a long time to really internalize the whole “you’ll never win the rat race” thing with regard to WoW and other MMOs (yeah, I knew it rationally, but it never quite got in). But I have now, and I won’t be going back. I’d much rather be writing!

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