Hmm…wonder if anyone’s reading

I really need to learn to market myself. It’s a skill I’ve never been good at: despite having people that I trust to know such things tell me that I’m decent at writing, I never quite believe it enough to put myself out there and go “Look at...

Tinker, tinker

Still tinkering with the site, and it’s beginning to look a bit more like I want it to now. I’m sure there are still a lot of things I can do to it to make it better, but at least it doesn’t look like every generic WordPress site out there....

So, yeah, about time I did this

My websites tend to be scattered around a bit: I’ve got one for my Shadowrun fiction, one for the first book of my series (when I didn’t know if there’d be another one) and various other sites that are woefully out of date and probably defunct by now...

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