I really need to learn to market myself. It’s a skill I’ve never been good at: despite having people that I trust to know such things tell me that I’m decent at writing, I never quite believe it enough to put myself out there and go “Look at MEEEEE!” It always seemed sort of…crass.

But yet, that’s exactly what I have to learn how to do–even with this blog. I started it almost a week ago and haven’t had one comment on any of my posts, other than a collection of spammers with unpronounceable names (unless “rkslfjiwoerj” is Norwegian or something) posting equally unpronounceable spam in my “Welcome” post. I don’t think that counts.

So…I suppose marketing the blog is a bit less scary than marketing my actual work, so maybe it’s a good place to start. Now I just need to figure out how.

So if anybody is reading this and has any suggestions about how to market a writer website/blog, please share. ‘Cuz it’s no fun talking to myself!

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