I just found out that I get to be on the panel at SDCC for the Scribe Awards, which is the award for the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.

I have no illusions: I’m sure I made it because there aren’t very many members going to Comic Con. Heck, I just joined the club a few months ago–I got in because of the two stories I wrote for the Shadowrun Returns Anthology. When they put out the call for panelists, I tossed my name in on a whim and was sure I’d hear nothing more about it. But today the list came out and…wow! I’m on it!

I have no idea what I have to do. Maybe I just have to sit there and look admiringly at the winners of the award (I can do that!) I sure hope I don’t have to talk much, because I have no idea what I’d say. I just hope I can do a good job.

And hey, if I meet a few people and make a contact or two…that would be fantastic.

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