Spent the weekend working on the new assignment. Having a lot of fun with it, though it’s taking longer than my own stuff (a lot longer) because I keep going back over it, second-guessing myself. (“Is it good enough? Is it exciting enough? Will people like it?”)  I need to stop doing that, but it’s hard. I just need to tell myself (and make myself listen: listen up, self!) that I need to get it down first. Then I can go back and massage it, punch it up, cut out the fat, add the bells and whistles.

I guess all writers worry about feedback from readers–it’s part of the job description.

In other news, got back the first of the comments from my Picky Beta Reader on FoB. He had some really good things to say, including picking up on the same bit of bloat that Dan mentioned when I was reading it to him this weekend. I thought it was the case, but having two different people confirm it is good. Time to go back and trim!