This morning was the time to sign up for events at Gen Con. Happily, I got everything I asked for, including the Read and Critique seminar (always a favorite) and all of the Writers’ Symposium seminars I requested, even the ones featuring Jim Butcher. I feel a little odd about not signing up for any games—it is, after all, a gaming convention—but I figure I might be able to drop in to a game or two if I find one (I’d like a chance to play Shadowrun if schedule permits—maybe I’ll finally get comfortable with how the rules work). For me, the opportunity to chat with other writers, get some good advice (I skewed my seminars more this year toward things like getting published and dealing with editors than the actual nuts and bolts of writing) and generally immerse myself in the thing I love is more than worth missing out on playing actual games.

Still hoping for a freelancers’ game, though. It would be fantastic to have all the freelancers getting together for a game, each one playing a favorite character of their own. I doubt it’ll happen because everyone is always so busy, but I can dream. 🙂

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