Back from Gen Con. I’d say it was a big success, both fun-wise and writer-wise.

Attended a whole bunch of seminars in the Gen Con Writers’ Symposium (who really put on a great event)– lots of well-known authors, including special guest Jim Butcher, to talk about everything from the state of the market to how to improve your own writing. There were a lot of panels on urban fantasy this year, which was great for me. Got some good info, and took a lot of notes.

Also got a chance to chat with the editor of the Shadowrun Returns Anthology, who’s also going to be my editor for another project (which I’ll post about separately). Working on some plans for the Stone Chronicles, and it looks like I might finally be able to make some moves toward figuring out which side of the fence I want to fall on (try for traditional publishing and potentially wait a long time before there’s any movement, if there even ever is, or throw myself into the self-pub arena with both feet and really put the money and effort into producing a quality product on my own). Don’t have an answer yet, but at least I’m a little further along the path to getting one.

Aside from the seminars, Gen Con as a whole was fun as always. Got to see a lot of old friends who I only get to see once a year, meet some new ones, buy some stuff, and even play a game (yes, one. I know. Gaming convention. :P).

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