I meant to try updating this every day, but I’ve missed a couple of days because we headed out for a quick trip to Las Vegas. I haven’t been back there for years–it was fun, though I’d have liked a bit more time. The highlight was the David Copperfield magic show–he hasn’t had a TV special in years (I used to watch them all!) and I had no idea he was in town, so it was a nice surprise. He puts on a great show.

Edits on Faces of Blood are proceeding. My Picky Beta Reader has more comments than he did on House of Stone, but I expected that. There are quite a few places in this one that are going to require some rewriting, and I knew that going in.

Getting back to the other project today; didn’t work on it while I was gone because I hate typing more than a few words on my iPad’s virtual keyboard, and that’s all I took with me (well, that and the phone, but the phone is worse for typing on). Got some deadlines at the real job that I need to worry about, too, so it’s going to be a busy rest-of-week.

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