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Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Sets

Value-priced collections of Alastair Stone’s adventures.

Calanar Series

Visit the magical world first revealed in the Stone Chronicles series. No familiarity with the Stone Chronicles needed to read.

Happenstance & Bron Series

He wants to believe. She wants to forget. Pulse-pounding magical adventures set in the world of the Alastair Stone Chronicles.

Shadowrun (published by Catalyst Game Labs)

Thrilling tales in a world where man meets magic and machine.


Stone Chronicles #5 – Core of Stone

Just a quick update: Stone Chronicles Book 5, CORE OF STONE, is coming in a little more than a week! It follows directly after the events in THE SOURCE, and presents Dr. Stone with the sort of problem he’s never had to deal with before. Here’s the blurb (spoilers if you haven’t read THE SOURCE):

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Of Books and Grapes

Next week, I’ll be attending my very first convention as a vendor. I’m nervous and excited–I think I have a pretty comprehensive list of what I need to bring, but I deliberately picked a fairly low-key, small con for my first experience.

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Book 5, Author Talk, and Cons

Lots happening lately! Book 5, Core of Stone, came back from editing, and I’m happy to report that my editor didn’t have any major issues with it. A few things that need to be fixed and a fair bit of word-nerking (as always), but for the most part everything came back fine. I’ve made all the changes and now I’m doing a final proofing pass.

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Two Weeks In: Organization is hard!

Here I am, reporting from two weeks into the grand experiment! I’m happy to report that writing continues apace, and I’m hitting or exceeding my 3,000 word/day weekday goal. Also, my plan to cook and eat at home is going really well. We should have done this years ago!

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Who is this R. L. King, anyway?

R. L. King lives the kind of exotic, jet-set life most authors only dream of. Splitting her time between rescuing orphaned ocelots, tracking down the world’s most baffling cheese-related paranormal mysteries, and playing high-stakes pinochle with albino squirrels, it’s a wonder she finds any time to write at all.

Or, you know, she lives in San Jose with her inordinately patient spouse, four demanding cats, and a crested gecko. Which, as far as she’s concerned, is way better.

Except for the ocelots. That part would have been cool.

You can join her mailing list at the top of this page, and find her on Facebook on the Alastair Stone Chronicles Fans group.

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