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Report – One Week In: Characters Can Surprise You

I’m happy to report that after a week of being a full-time wordmonkey, things are going well so far. It’s been a wet week here in San Jose, which is kind of weird given that we’ve been having a drought for a looong time. Right now it sort of feels like I should be gathering the cats and building an ark. Except the cats are all fixed, so that would be a bit pointless. So I guess I’ll just keep writing.

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It’s alive! And a new adventure

I haven’t updated this blog for…well…a really long time. That’s going to change now. At long last, after a lot of planning, saving, and soul-searching, I’m embarking on a new adventure as a full-time writer and editor (and marketer/promoter, because as a self-published author, that kind of goes with the territory).

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Profanity, love it or hate it

I’ve gotten a couple of emails from folks who really like the Stone books, but they expressed concern about profanity. They think it would be better if some of the characters weren’t such potty-mouths, or at least if I left out some of the more extreme ends of the cussing spectrum (like the “f” word).

While I totally respect that opinion, and respect people’s right to limit their exposure to words that make them uncomfortable, unfortunately my response has to be a polite, “I can’t do that, Dave.”

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Who is this R. L. King, anyway?

R. L. King lives the kind of exotic, jet-set life most authors only dream of. Splitting her time between rescuing orphaned ocelots, tracking down the world’s most baffling cheese-related paranormal mysteries, and playing high-stakes pinochle with albino squirrels, it’s a wonder she finds any time to write at all.

Or, you know, she lives in San Jose with her inordinately patient spouse, four demanding cats, and a crested gecko. Which, as far as she’s concerned, is way better.

Except for the ocelots. That part would have been cool.

You can join her mailing list at the top of this page, and find her on Facebook on the Alastair Stone Chronicles Fans group.

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